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Add prescriptions medications

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Add non-prescriptions medications

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Add non-prescriptions medications

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Coming 2023

  • Individual account profiles for additional cabinet users (allows main user to edit profile information and delete additional cabinets)
  • Send medication and refill reminders for additional cabinets directly to those users, via email or mobile
  • Medical conditions/diseases may be added for each user
  • Allergies, including drug allergies, may be added for each user
  • User may upload health documents for each cabinet
  • User may share health documents for each cabinet
  • Admin panel (phase 1) for optimized data analysis
  • Image repository for ‘real’ OTC images to appear in user cabinets

Coming 2024

  • OCR Scanning (users scan Rx labels for easy uploading)
  • Surescripts integration
  • SavingsSeeker integration to provide Rx discounts
  • Refills via online and brick and mortar pharmacies
  • Medication adherence tracking within each user’s health hub
  • Optimized communication preferences for main user to view adherence of additional cabinet members (i.e. daily reports)
  • Appointment reminders
  • Wearables integration (i.e. Apple Watch)
  • Rewards

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