MyCabinet, the award-winning app for medication management, is joining the Hint Health ecosystem of partners. As the leading provider of membership management and billing software for Direct Care practices, Hint has created a partner ecosystem with companies who align with Hint’s mission to power Direct Care and make it the new standard in healthcare.

Through the partnership, MyCabinet will reach clinic, direct care network and virtual providers with a powerful and innovative medication management platform that complements Hint’s robust membership management and billing software. Clinics adopting MyCabinet will benefit from a seamless integration through Hint Health’s platform for their patients’ medication management data, revealing valuable insights into their patients’ medication adherence and the ability to deliver more personalized care with better patient outcomes.

Together, MyCabinet and Hint Health are committed to empowering patients, healthcare providers, and independent physician practices with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of medication management and healthcare delivery while streamlining the patient journey.